Ivo Caixeiro

Director of Procurement

Portuguese by birth, globetrotter by profession, resident-alien by law and beer-lover by passion.

And Passion is what defines everything I do–passion to travel around the world countless times to source and develop products that end up in your household; passion to learn about how things are made, how much they cost, how much craftsmanship goes into them, and how they get from Point A to Point B; passion to negotiate with others, convey my views, and exchange values.; passion to embrace new cultures, make new friends, and share stories. It was is this passion that brought me to Sig Luscher, and it is with this passion that I’ll work to spread Sig Luscher’s Historically Good Beer around the world.


Nathan Cryder

Chairman and CEO

It’s true that running a beer company has its perks. There’s the little card in my wallet granting me access to a secret network of underground beer caves across seven continents. This and countless other perks lead most people to conclude that I’m living the dream. Not true at all. Many afternoons, I’m awakened by a recurring nightmare. Sometimes I’m receiving the Nobel Prize in Medicine for curing cancer, other times I’m leading a team of astronauts on the first journey to Mars. The details vary but the lesson is always the same.– if I had only applied myself, surely I could be doing something cooler than making and selling and drinking Historically Good Beer. Nightmare, I tell ya! Next time you see me, take pity on me and buy me a beer.


Dylan Greenwood


Did you know that traditionally brewers were usually female?  The myth of witches came from them creating “magic” out of their bubbling cauldron with plenty of cats around for pest control.  Well, Sig Luscher decided to break from this time-tested tradition and hired me, a bearded white dude to make their magic. My transformation into a beer brewing witch began a decade ago as a lowly homebrewer.  After years of hard work, learning from other witches, and endless experimentation honing my craft, I now have many potions and spells to woo the palates of anyone and everyone! My journey has taken from Louisville, KY to Winston-Salem, NC, back to Louisville and now to Frankfort, KY.  I foresee you loving the taste and effect of my potions. Just please don’t burn me at the stake!


Annie LaForge

Taproom Manager

I need to get something off my chest. I’m a yankee transplant who moved to Kentucky from New Jersey three years ago. I used to work at a high volume bakery in NYC that hosted events and staffed 65-70 employees. It was wild and hectic and fun; however, after a decade working for others in the retail and service sector, I was ready to finally lead a team of my own and to repay a community I’ve grown to love. How does one do so? By creating an atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and has a great time no matter their age or mood– or whether they root for the Cats or the Cards or prefer mustard or ketchup on their hot dogs. The Sig Luscher taproom is the place I’ve always envisioned–a place where everyone comes together to relax, enjoy a drink or two with good friends, and observe or converse with the pink-haired gal who’s just enjoying being in her element and hoping you’ll forgive her for being a yankee.


Tim Luscher


In 1866, Sigmund Luscher moved to Frankfort, Kentucky from Switzerland. As all good European immigrants at the time, he was hardworking and industrious and fell back on what he knew from the old country. Lucky for all of us – this was the brewing of beer. Over the next 25 years, he built Frankfort’s first brewery making an exceptional Bavarian-style Pilsner. Sig was my grandfather’s grandfather. In the 127 years since Sig’s death, Frankfort has not had its own brewery…until now. One spring day in 2018, I decided I wanted to bring Grandpa Sig’s brewery back to life. So that’s what I did. I hope I’ve made Ol’ Sig proud. If you believe like my grandfather did that every great community deserves a place where people can gather and enjoy good company, then we hope you’ll join us for a few drinks!


Kelly May

Director Of Operations

Imagine a quaint, historic community nested in the depths of a scenic river valley. Around this valley, world-class bourbon distilleries dot the landscape. At the heart of this community, a beautiful capitol dome rises above lovingly-restored homes, proclaiming this place as the center of political life in Kentucky. Frankfort lies at the crossroads between Louisville, Lexington and Cincinnati, and is surrounded by lush natural beauty and scenic byways. I am a product of this amazing town that and have come to realize that Frankfort’s charm and tourist opportunities far exceed its current reputation. I am honored to be a partner in Sig Luscher and cannot wait for the excitement it will bring to Frankfort in the coming years. Please join me for a beer anytime!


Caroline Hope Paulus

Communications Director

Kentucky was built on storytelling. Tall tales about Daniel Boone fist-fighting a bear were some of the first impressions the world had when settlers made the state their home. Word continued to travel back east over the next century – the horses are this fast, the grass is this blue, and the whiskey is this strong. I’ve been lucky to tell Kentucky’s stories both ancient and modern through my work as an archaeologist and as an editor for The Bourbon Review – and when I heard Sig’s story, I knew I wanted to help tell it, too. The history behind Sig Luscher Brewery is as embroidered as it is true – a blend of family history, local records, brewing tradition, and more are sewn together to create stories best told with good friends and good beer. As Chief Storyteller, I consider my job to be a blend of public relations, evangelization, and drawing on my Wisconsin roots to embarrass the rest of the team in drinking games. And the beer really is historically good.


Chris Slater

Digital Strategy

Being a trusted guide for amazing brands since the 90s is an honor I don’t take lightly, and I’ve always prided myself on giving clients the digital tools they need to succeed. With no project has that been truer than this one–how does one take a 152 year-old brand and bring it to the cutting edge of the Digital Age? It’s this challenge that inspires me to push myself everyday and occasionally keeps me up at night. Fortunately, at the end of the day, I know our digital strategy will work, because if I’ve provided the proper tools and strategies, the only thing the team needs to do is be themselves. Being real, craving connections, not taking yourself too seriously–being not just a brand but a company that cares about its community–that’s what success looks like today and that’s why Sig Luscher is so fun to work with.


Sigmund Luscher


Why should I write a bio when I already have a Wikipedia page? I’ve been at rest for almost 140 years, and now I’m suddenly expected to write a bio?! Outrageous, I tell you. Hell, I can’t even remember all the things I did in my lifetime. My childhood was spent in Switzerland, of course, before I made the journey to the New World with my family. Things were going pretty well, too, until I got conscripted into the Union Army and General Sherman burned down by home, my brewery, and my perfect little vegetable garden. That man was a damn hog, I tell ya. Sent me to Andersonville prison, and I’d rather not talk about that. After that, I went back home for a bit…wasn’t my fight anyway. When things calmed back down, I decided it was time to pursue my dream of opening a brewery and selling the pilsner-style beer I grew up on. So that’s exactly what I did, only this time things went nicely. The American government gave me $2,000 in reparations, which I used to start a nice little brewery in Frankfort. Community leaders there had already built some lager caves and started their own brewery in 1811, so I bought one of the first industrial ice makers and put my brewery next to the caves. We grew quickly, and for the next 25 years, Sig Luscher beer was considered the best beer around. When the Grim Reaper came, I can’t say I ever thought I’d see the day when my brewery would be brought back to life. Seems that day has finally arrived. Enjoy one in my name. Prost, my friends!