Once upon a time in the 1860s, a young man named Sigmund Luscher left his Swiss homeland and headed to the New World. He built a brewery in Memphis…but things didn’t go quite as planned.

A civil war broke out, and Sig was conscripted to fight for the Union where he was promptly captured and taken to the infamous Andersonville prison in Georgia. We imagine he didn’t have a whole lotta fun there—particularly on the day he learned that Sherman’s troops had burned down his brewery.

Ouch! So much for the  American dream. Fortunately, Ol’ Sig had what they call fortitude.

When the war ended, he headed back to Switzerland and somehow convinced his lovely wife to make the weeks-long sea voyage back to America. This time, he’d settle in Frankfort where he established Capitol Brewing Company in 1866.

Sig quickly became a figurehead in the community. He built a family home on Ann St, traded yeast with the famous E.H. Taylor, and brewed a crisp, light pilsner that–by all accounts–was a huge hit.

The brewery closed its doors upon Sig’s death in 1891–but this fall, we’re reopening them after 127 years!

You’ll find us at 221 Mero Street–across the street from the original brewery where you’re likely to run into the grandson of the grandson Sig, who along with a few buddies, is reviving the third oldest family-owned brewery in America.

We hope you’ll join us when we open our doors in late fall, offering coffee, snacks, soft pretzels, and historically good beer that stays true to Sig’s “beer philosophy” of always enjoying beer in good company.

And speaking of good company, that is precisely what we aim to be. By entering your email below, you’ll be among the first to enjoy “a Sig” and welcome this piece of history back to Frankfort.

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