Sigmund Luscher lives to tweet again!

Friends of Sig,

Sigmund Luscher speaks from the grave! No wait, that's super creepy... 

What we mean -- rather -- is that we've created a new Twitter handle to bring some of that friendly charm and offbeat humor that Sigmund Luscher was known for in the 19th century to the 21st. 

We know it'll take a little imagination to give Sig a modern personality update. But we think we're up for it, and, fortunately, Sig gave us a lot to work with:

Like the time he testified as an expert witness in a trial of an allegedly intoxicated gentleman and said, "I tell you, gentlemen, no man will get drunk on beer unless he makes a damn hog of himself." 

Yeah...we don't really understand what he meant either. But it makes us smile, and that's the important part! 

So follow @Sig_says for daily smiles and random Sig quirkiness.


Nathan Cryder, CEO
Sig Luscher Brewery