Brewing at last in Frankfort!!

Friends of Sig,

Venture to guess when was the last time beer was brewed in a commercial brewery in Frankfort? That’s right, last Monday in our brewhouse on Mero St.

And before that? Wow, did you say 1891? Right again, old chap!



It was a tragic loss to Frankfort almost 128 years ago when Sigmund Luscher fell face forward in his bowl of soup and passed away from “apparent apoplexy” (a story for another time). Not only did the community lose one of its most beloved members, it also lost its one and only brewery.

So who at the time would ever have imagined that it would be so long before commercial brewing would commence?! And how %#*ing cool is it that the Brewery to finally do so would bear his name again and be done with the help of his great-great-great grandson, Tim Luscher?!

Our Brewmeister, Dylan Greenwood, had the honors of bringing Sig’s “Historically Good Beer” back to life.

I’m sure you’re wondering what style of brew Dylan chose for such a momentous occasion.

We’ll give you a hint:  

Patience is a virtue, and if you’re nice and not naughty in 2019,
you can enjoy this aged brew around the
first anniversary of Sig’s re-opening.

Prost, everyone!!

Nathan Cryder, CEO
Sig Luscher Brewery

P.S. Please be sure to WATCH THE VIDEO FROM WDRB and forward it to your friends!!!