Sig Luscher is a heritage brewery originally formed in Frankfort, Kentucky in 1866 by Swiss immigrant, Sigmund Luscher. Sig was a good-natured man who treated his family, his employees, and the community-at-large with kindness and respect. We’re honoring his legacy by creating the kind of company we think would make him proud.

Mission: To make simple, delicious, “Historically Good Beer” that’s not too fancy and is best enjoyed in good company–something we aim to be in every respect.

Operating sustainably and responsibly

  • Our brewhouse, taproom, and biergarten will be powered by a rooftop solar array
  • Our beer production and distribution model will be designed to minimize our carbon footprint (which has the added benefit of delivering fresher beer to our customers)
  • The spent grains from making beer will be used to make food products for people, pets and livestock rather than being treated as mere waste
  • Employees and customers will be treated with kindness and respect

Revitalizing our historic neighborhood

Frankfort, Kentucky is our home; when it thrives, we thrive–and vice versa. Our particular focus will be on the revitalization of the historic downtown neighborhood where we’re located, only 100 feet away from the original brewery. Our goal is to create a “Brewery District” with a mix of locally-owned and operated restaurants, shops, residences, and of course, other breweries — a carefully-planned mix that will transform this downtown corridor into something akin to the bustling city center it was back in Sig’s day.